New Master DIY Control Board Motherboard for 3D Printer



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1. Based on MEGA 2560, single-board solution, higher stability 
2. Two heating side, support two-color printing (maximum use temperature of the thermal head according to the material may be) 
3. Supports hot-bed (maximum current does not exceed 9A, recommended temperature controlled at below 100 )
4. Power: 19-24V DC (you can use a laptop power supply or switching power supplies)
5. Three-way temperature sensors (PT100, -200-650 ), Texas Instruments INA826 dedicated chip, high precision anti-interference ability
6. Three-way limit switches, the default reset position 0, the default constructor Size: 230 * 225 * 205
7. High scalability, reserved way ANALOG IN, other unused I / O port pin were also set aside, for the user to expand
8. Two Safety switch (which can be accessed smoke sensors, to prevent the occurrence of accidents)
9. Three-way fan Interface: Adjustable fan connectors (J14, FAN PWM, 24V), 5V fan (J34, FAN 5V), 24V fan (J20, FAN 19-24V).
10. Dimmable LED Interface (J15, LED PWM, 24V)

Product model: v2.1.4 
Type: motherboard